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P&R regenerates plants and boosts the plant in a natural way. For the high amount of free amino acids, up to 20 %, which penetrate very fast the plant, what is a key feature or advantage of P&R. It gives P&R a high stimulation growth effect in a high energy and time saving process.

P&R increases the quality of the plant and fruit. The plant will recover from damages, like drought, heat, cold and disease. Also will grow better and faster. The plant will pick up easier the nutrients and enhance the growing, because of the free amino acids, which stimulate the growth of the plant.

P&R will increase the harvest. P&R will help to make better use of the nutrients in natural or in artificial soil in greenhouses. P&R stimulates the enzymatic of the plant. P&R will increase the absorption capacity of the leaf for trace elements, like Fe, Zn, Mn, B, Cu. Amino acids are known to build gel for this kind of trace elements. P&R can be used with plant protecting agents, with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.


P&R is made 100 % of natural products.

P&R contains only organic ingredients and is as such harmless to man, animals and environment.

P&R is used in addition to the regular P, N and K-nutrition.


generally for all kind of plants

for irrigation 1 – 1,5 l/ha/week

for spraying 300 cc P&R per 100 liter of water

depending on the value of the plant, P&R can be applied every week

plants with diseases of any kind have to be sprayed every 5 – 8 days, depending on how serious the plant is affected

new plants have to be dipped in a 15 % solution for 15 minutes

diluted P&R should be used at the same day.


Peptides and amino acids 40 – 42 %, free amino acids 18 – 20 %, ammonium chloride 8 – 9 %, dry matter 48 – 52 %, nitrogen 8,5 – 9,5 %, potassium 1,2-1,5 %.Active agent: amino acids

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