If a cell is being supported by PoCo, the bio-catalysators of the cell are being accelerated, thus also the metabolism.
PoCo stimulates and accelerates the growth of micro-organisms in a natural way by micro-nutriment and trace elements, which are being contained in PoCo.The acceleration of the metabolism results in higher decomposition (higher biogas-production, faster composting, better transfer of the ammonium in the slurry, cleaning of water, odor reduction etc.) on the respective milieu.The micro-organisms con thus together with POCO fulfil their tasks faster and to a larger extent.
PoCo is being produced of herbs and plant-extracts. It will be 100% reduced in nature and it is not poisonous. A product of pure nature.
  • Sewage plants - 1 : 5 miljoen tot 10 miljoen
  • Reduce of smell of all biological sources of odor - 1 : 1000 to 2 miljoen
  • Reduce of van nitrates, COD and BOD in fish ponds - 1 : 5 miljoen tot 50 miljoen
  • Reducing of water diseases in contaminated waters; ponds, lakes, brooks and rivers - 1 : 1 miljoen tot 50 miljoen
  • ABF System - 60-600 cc per week
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